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  1. 2015-16 Walk Statistics

  2. Printable Summary (pdf) of Walks from the 2017 Spring Newsletter - (April - July 2017)

  3. Aims and Objectives for the OVA Walk Section by the Walks Organisers


OVA walks are normally open to all, members and non-members alike, and are free.

Some events including Friends of the Commons events need to be booked. 



Thursday, 22nd February - 10:00am - WALKView

22nd February 2018


Saturday 24th February – 10:15am - WALKView

24th February 2018

 Two Rivers Way


Tuesday, 6th March - 10:30am - WALKView

6th March 2018

Steps Bridge & Mardon Down

Saturday, 10th March - 10:00 - WALKView

10th March 2018

The Otterton Ring

Wednesday, 14th March - 10.00am - WALK View

14th March 2018

Do ya ken Kenn?

Wednesday 28 March– 10:30am – WALKView

28th March 2018

Walking with the ancients

Wednesday, 4th April - 10:00:am - WALKView

4th April 2018

Keble's Seat


Wednesday, 18th April - 10:30am - WALKView

18th April 2018

Some Country, Some Coast


Saturday 21st April, 10:00am - WALKView

21st April 2018

Over the hills and Far(a)way


Thursday, 26th April, 10:00am - WALKView

26th April 2018

New Bridge